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Как сделать человеческий текст с помощью Chat Gpt: Секретный promt

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Как сделать человеческий текст с помощью Chat Gpt: Секретный promt

Как научить ChatGPT писать человечный контент:

8 правил, 9 промптов

1. Персонализация: написать текст в стиле конкретного человека (2 промпта подряд)

Here is a recent article i've written: [URL статьи, написанной человеком, чей стиль нужно перенять].

Analyze my tone, how i form sentences and paragraphs, the level of detail i use in explanations, the amount of humor i use, how often i ask the reader questions, the readability level i use, the vocabulary i use, and the level of emotion i convey in my writing.

Based on the writing style analyzed from the provided article, create content titled [Заголовок] at [Количество слов] words. Ensure that the new content strictly adheres to the author’s writing style in terms of tone, structure, and approach as identified in the analysis.

2. Обучить ChatGPT использовать в тексте личный опыт и мнения конкретного человека

Here's my about page [Ссылка]. Learn about my experience and stories that qualify me as an author for the content we'll write.

Also, here’s a personal opinion that will shape how you write your content: [insert personal


Create content titled [Заголовок] at [Количество слов] words with some of this personal experience and opinion lightly sprinkled in. The integration should be subtle at a level of [1-10] out of 10.

3. Разнообразить лексикон ChatGPT (научить не использовать одни и те же слова, которые «палят» ИИ-контент).

Don't always use the most natural words.

Use the following words fewer that 3 times on this page: unique, ensure, utmost.

Before outputting the content, review it for the following and rewrite those sentences with appropriate alternatives: meticulous, meticulously, navigating, complexities, realm, bespoke, tailored, towards, underpins, ever-changing, ever-evolving, the world of, not only, seeking more that just, designed to enhance, it's not merely, our suite, it is advisable, daunting, in the heart of, when it comes to, in the realm of, amongst unlock the secrets, unveil the secrets, and robust.

Please stick to the above when creating content titled [Заголовок] at [Количество слов] words.

4. Отучить ChatGPT писать предложения и абзацы одинаковой длины

Ensure heterogeneous paragraphs.

Ensure heterogeneous sentence lengths. And stick to primarily short, straightforward sentences.

5. Использовать в тексте конкретные факты (пример)

Fact#1: The average salary for an SEO specialist in 2024 is $82,000 per year.

Fact#2: As of the current month, there are 8302 SEO jobs available on Linkedin.

Plese use these facts when creating content titled [Beginner's Guide to SEO] at [300] words.

6. Удаление «воды» из текста

Do not include any fluff when producing content. Each sentence should provide value to the overall goal of the content piece. Strictly follow this guideline.

7. Сделать текст живым и увлекательным

Engagement is the highest priority.

Be conversational, empathetic, and occasionally humorous.

Use idioms, metaphors, anecdotes and natural dialogue.

8. Написать текст для конкретной аудитории (пример)

My target audience has the following characteristics:

1. [85% male. 15% female. Aged 25-55]

2. [mostly professional with some light humor mildly sprinkled in]

3. [9th grade reading level]